The Fallen Novels by Lauren Kate


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Again another angel series, but I just cannot help it! This one is more of a younger version of the before mentioned Angelology books, but less monstrous. Lucinda, a teen who has been haunted by shadows, realizes that these are not ordinary shadows. She also finds out that she is a legend among the Nephelium, because she is reincarnated over and over for the span of a thousand years because a very important angel fell in love with her, and they have been cursed. As the series goes on Lucinda learns more and more about her “legend” and what had caused this curse. She goes through and travels to find out who she is and what love her and this angel have together.

Torment by Lauren Kate, book 2

See, not as monstrous as Angelology. Lucinda does come to the conclusion though that good and evil are not as black and white as she expected, and learns that the fallen angels who initially sided with Satan are not all evil and bad as one might think.

Passion by Lauren Kate, book 3

Definitely a good series to read if your into the Fallen Angels mythos, for that is what I choose to focus on in these types of books!

Rapture by Lauren Kate, book 4

The newest release is Rapture, which I have not yet bought but will be doing so when I get my next paycheck! I look forward to reading it, as I am one of those people who must buy every book in a series, an authors dream reader! 😀



Historical Fiction…Im in Love!


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Philippa Gregory The White Queen

As a history major I love all books that have to do with any history up until the 19th century, especially if its European! So I have found myself not only reading academic history literature, but I have soaked up the historical fiction novels as well.
Authors such as Sara Dunant, Alison Weir, Philipa Gregory, Elizabeth George Speare, I want them all! While I love the academic literature, some historical novels, mostly those that stick as close as possible to fact, lend a more personal view of the figures. Obviously the view will be biased based on the author, but it helps remember that these people who shaped history were human, real people with passions that mere academic research does not always lend a hand to. So while you may not actually expound on your historical/factual knowledge by reading them, it makes you remember that despite what the history books say, these people had their own problems interlaced with those of the era, and that history does not always tell these stories accurately. After all, history is written by the victors!
My favorite story related to historical fiction novels is from when I was taking a class in college, Tudor Stuart Britain. While reading my academic books for this class, I was reading The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory. The book, in brief, was about the War of the Roses and the family and political dynamics, with a bit of a fairytale interlaced. Apparently the Queen was descended from the families in Burgundy, and that they were ‘magical’ (term used loosely). Now studying up late has its advantages, and disadvantages. While writing a short paper for my class, for some reason I began to get the book, and the class mixed up. Thankfully, before printing it out I went through and read it again, editing it before turning it in. Though I like to think my professor would have seen the humor in it all!
Any who, for those of you out there that like historical fiction novels, enjoy, but make sure not to get it mixed up with your class!
Miss 305

Vampires, Werewolves, Succubus Oh My!


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Laurell K Hamilton Anita Blake novels

A series that I greatly enjoyed reading was the Anita Blake novels written by Laurell K. Hamilton. This series has almost every sci-fi character you would need in one series from vampires, zombies, werewolves, succubus’ (or is it succubi?), necromancers, you name it, Laurell K Hamilton has thought of it! Bonding with my father over every known vampire movie, old and new, my love has seeped into my reading material as well. I had started out in my younger years with Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and picked up Laurell K Hamilton in college. OMG! Bought all of them right away, had to with any series, and ate them up.

Since packing my books up to move, I stood staring at the box with these books, and thought, “I will have to read those again!”. The character dynamic is willey and fun to follow, and the main character is a no-crap-woman who will have you giggling at her one liners. This series is up there with my love for Joss Wheadon and Buffy! If you are into this genre, definitely pick this up!

Happy Reading

Miss 305 ❤

Yes Yes….The Hunger Games


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Cover of "The Hunger Games"

Cover of The Hunger Games

So I have heard a TON about this series The Hunger Games and have not for the life of me figured out what the big deal is. A fellow blogger told me that I have to check it out, as she has just written a post on her blog about it. I am assuming that the next series that I buy will be this one, because my curiosity is getting the better of me. I want to know the inside scoop of all these Hunger references! So yes,  I will be joining the masses in yet another book following with this series.

I will update once I have actually read it, which wont be for a while, but what do you all think? I would like YOUR opinion 😀

Censorship Causes Blindness: The 5 Best Banned Books Turned Films « Word and Film : The Intersection of Books, Movies, and Television


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Censorship Causes Blindness: The 5 Best Banned Books Turned Films « Word and Film : The Intersection of Books, Movies, and Television.


A fun article that I had found online that lists different books that have been banned, and that have also been turned into films. I love these lists, and hope you enjoy!